My First Blog Post

Welcome to my first, uh, blog? Blog Post? Dispatch! Yeah! I like that. For now, let’s call it a Dispatch. Being a published writer, I aspire to share my writings (and where to buy them) as well as my writing process with you. So, by signing up at the bottom of the home page will allow you to get these… Dispatches once or twice a month.

This DISPATCH differs from other blogs I write in that I’ll reveal anecdotes about myself and my career–both heartbreaking and entertaining. All the while, sharing this creative journey with you because, though I’ve written for a long time—even published, nothing has paid the bills. YET.

In the interim, feel free to explore my web-site and social media. There is a section that allows you to purchase comic books I’ve written. And most interestingly, share your critiques through crowd-sourced editing/feedback.

If you’ve read this far… thank you!! Please sign up. (Drop some cash for my work.) And I’d love to get to know you better (even those I already know.)

All my best,

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